Spanish Citizenship gives you the right to live indefinitely in Spain. That also comes with certain benefits such as the right to vote and move freely around the EU. The most common way of becoming a citizen of Spain is by right of birth. The birth of an individual should be on the Spanish soil provided that one of your parents should also be Spanish, and in that case alone, you become a national of the Spanish boundary.


But on the other hand, the civil code accepts other procedures that enable foreigners to get Spanish citizenship, such as citizenship by residency by living in Spain for ten years; one can get a Spanish nationality. Citizenship by descent is another way to gain entry into Spanish territory. Still, for that, our experienced team will be there to advise you in all the legal requirements.


Application Process and General Requirements


Required Documents for Citizenship by Descent.


The first and foremost task is to gather and prepare all your required documents. To get Spanish Citizenship by descent, you need to prepare the following documents.


Identification: Passport and NIE








Your current residence permit. This implies that you can’t be in an irregular situation at the moment of our application.








Birth certificate.








Criminal records. As we already mentioned, you mustn’t have any background records registered.




Marriage certificate.








Current census and historical (“padrón”)











Once you pass the two required exams, DELE A2 and CCSE, you will receive a certificate attached to the application file.








If you would like to provide an opportunity to your children to get Citizenship by the option, including their birth certificate.








Possession of sufficient economic means.


Spanish Citizenship Test: 


To get a Spanish passport and become a national in the country, you must pass two different citizenship exams:


The DELE A2, the first language test that represents that you have a satisfactory Spanish level. But If you are coming from any Latin American country, there is no need to take this exam.


The CCSE, which is a cultural test. If you have studied school or high-school in Spain, this test is not required at all. It is a multiple-choice test in which they ask about the Spanish government, art, television, culture, and geography.



Submitting your application:


Once you meet all the requirements and are finished with all the paperwork, you need to send it to the authorities. You can submit your file in person at the Civil Registry. 


Nationality processing time: 


Usually, the process takes about 2 to 3 years in total. Nevertheless, there is a handy tip you can use to speed the process up radically. Once you submit your application, the Spanish government has a period of 1 complete year to provide their response legally.



 Get legal assistance:

We can handle and manage the whole application process for you as our specialized immigration lawyers in Spain are here to help you make a process faster and smoother.


Simple Paperwork

If you are planning to apply for Spanish citizenship, you will find it easy to deal with the Spanish government and bureaucracy in any legal or administrative process. That will be your time-saver.

Getting the EU

You will have the right to live and work in Spain and also anywhere in the European Union.

Gaining the right to vote in Spain

Expats living in Spain for a long time may like to have the option to vote. After formalizing this process, they can cast their vote without any hiccups.

No Spain Exits from EU

Spanish is not planning to leave the European Union any time soon. Therefore, Spanish Passport is an excellent choice to have.

Free Movement

On becoming a Spanish citizen, you will have the right to enter numerous countries with your visa on hand during your arrival.

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