The new act on the Czech Republic’s citizenship by descent has been active since January 1, 2014, significantly extended the number of people who are entitled to acquire Czech citizenship through ancestors. Those who left Czechoslovakia or the Czech Republic and lost their citizenship in the past can now declare and claim the Czech citizenship and keep it at least for the future.


A new amendment also passed on the Act of Citizenship of the Czech Republic, also known as “ACCR” which took effect on September 6, 2019, allows new categories of foreigners to obtain Czech citizenship by making a declaration.


History of the Czech Republic:


Let us take you back to the years of 1948 and 1989, during the time of communism, where many Czechoslovak citizens emigrated to different parts of the world, seeking to live a better life. When there was a mass of citizens leaving the communist-controlled and occupied Czechoslovakia, the communist would punish the emigrants by removing their Czechoslovak citizenship.


In 1989, after the decline of communism in Czechoslovakia, many emigrants demanded to get their Czech citizenship back. Many descendants of Czechoslovak emigrants are still looking to keep in touch in their roots, and some of them seek Czech citizenship by descent.


In the current scenario, the Czech senate’s amendment indicates that the descendants of emigrants could obtain Czech citizenship more quickly. The Process will involve providing all the required documents that prove one or both of their parents’ or grandparents’ loss of Czech or Czechoslovak citizenship, which is good news in our case. Our team will make sure to provide our valuable services in this regard in the best way possible.


Application Process and General Requirements


Eligibility for Czech Republic Citizenship by Descentcording to the new and current citizenship law of the Czech Republic, any individual or person can be considered Czech if they are a descendant of a Czech individual, up to the third generation. This means that Czech citizenship can be passed on to the grandchildren, and the whole process is done through the channel obtaining citizenship by descent. 

The second step is to gather your required documents before going any further. All the documents must be certified original and submitted in French, German or Luxembourgish. A certified translator must translate all English (or another language) documents.


Documentation Process:


You need to gather following documents to gain your citizenship by descent:



  • Birth certificate.


  • Domestic partnership certificate.


  • Notarized copy of the original passport.


  • Identification card.


  • Police Record From your country of residence.


  • Marriage certificate.


  • Certified copy of your grandparents’ Marriage Certificate


  • Divorce certificate (If applicable).


  • Proof of your present residence.


  • Death certificate (if applicable).


  • Criminal records or proof of no criminal record from all countries.

 Submission of Application:


After compiling all the required documents for obtaining Czech Republic citizenship through ancestry personally, submit the complete recovery application to the Czech Honorary Counsel.


Nationality processing time: 


Usually, the Process takes about 1 to 2 years in total. Nevertheless, there is a handy tip you can use to speed the Process up radically. Once you submit your application, the Czech Republic government has a period of 1 full year to provide their response legally. 


Get legal assistance:


We can handle and manage the whole application process for you as our specialized immigration lawyers in the Czech Republic are here to help you make a process faster and smoother. We are here to provide our legal services to our clients in the best way possible, making your whole experience worthwhile.

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