THE BEST EU citizenship and passport program

The Best European Union Citizenship and Passport Program is one of our those programs in which we do not openly announce and market the targeted European Union country name. Through a private transaction, a passport is granted for one of the European Union countries, which is totally off the radar. The country is well-reputed for financial and personal privacy. Not the majority of the people know about this country, and therefore, its passport is less availed. 

Before proceeding further, let’s first clarify a few terms. An economic citizenship or a second passport is granted to you when you pay the money to the concerned government in exchange for that country’s passport and citizenship. This type of transaction is required to be quickly completed. In simple words, it’s basically a citizenship deal by cash. This procedure does not require you to have a prior living history in the target country before getting citizenship or any other requirement on your passport.



European Union Citizenship and Passport

We offer you a golden opportunity to obtain citizenship and passport of one of the European Union nations that will open up worldwide opportunities for you. 

The passport holder of that European Union country can travel to more than 150+ countries, which include all European Union nations, Canada, and many others. Being a European Union citizen means worldwide business freedom, owing to the strong support of the European Union.



Our Top-Notch Service Structure

Once we receive your request, we will initiate the process in the Court of our targeted European Union country. For evidence, we will make use of a few of the country’s Civil Legislation articles regarding the granting of citizenship to a non-citizen of that European Union country in the easy naturalization procedure. This approach will give you the country’s citizenship (and passport) through the decision of the Court once the trial is completed. Our evidence approach completely follows the country’s Civil Laws, which ensures that the Court decision will be positive, and you will get that European Union country’s passport in just 4-6 months (this much time is because of the Court Trial). It is the beauty of that country’s Legislation that it allows this citizenship procedure, and we are delighted to use this approach and provide services to you.


For the Court Trial assistance, our professional fees are Euro 43,000 along with non-refundable referral fees of Euro 10,000. So a total of Euro 53,000 will be charged from you. The fees include our support as an advocate of your case and all the other procedural requirements needed to develop a solid evidence base for you. Other than getting the country’s citizenship and passport for yourself, the Court decision also lets your close relatives have the right to get the Country’s citizenship with you.


With our extensive past experience related to Court matters, the Court Trials are organized and handled efficiently as per the targeted country’s Legislation. The Court Trials are set up by our (that European country’s) Law Company’s requirement.


With every additional family member (spouse and children with age 16 and under), the extra charges are Euro 2,400. It just takes now 3-4 months in the whole processing, and within this time frame, you will get European citizenship and passport.


Once you set up an order to us and send Euro 5,000 as referral fees, we will make your contact with our source in that European Union country. They will manage your payments, processing, meeting in the country for passport collection, and similar other activities. 


There are no concerns about dual citizenship for that European Union country, as the country allows you to hold dual citizenship. In fact, your current country will get no information about your second citizenship.


Also, note that our source in that country demands in advance their whole professional fees. This is because they want to ensure that they can handle the Court Trial till the time the Court issues the positive decision.

From all the above information, it can be seen that this is the best approach to get European citizenship for you and your family against a small lawyer’s fees. Order right now and have a European Union citizenship and passport within 3-4 months.

As per the 2020 Henley Passport Index, our targeted European Union country has visa-free access to 181 countries and stands at the 11th rank in the world’s strongest passports.


Our targeted country’s legislation facilitates in granting citizenship in a simplified procedure for some categories. With extensive experience in this area, our advocates carry out the Migration and Civil Legislation proceedings professionally based on your interests. We will gather all those documents that make you the right applicant to take advantage of this legislation opportunity. The lawyers will arrange the Court process and collect all the documents needed for the Court. They will also protect your application, presenting themselves as your advocates. 


Our confidence in positive Court decision is owing to our past high success rate in Court Trials. From the very first day of processing to the final day of passport and ID-Card collection, the whole process is legal. For our targeted European Union country, the Court decision comes negative only in the case if you have some severe issues with International Police. Otherwise, you will definitely get the European Union Citizenship and Passport.  


We just need a color copy of your passport to start the process. It is enough to fulfill the procedures required by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of that European Union country. We will collect the rest of your documents from your country authorities where you have citizenship. Afterward, we will gather the evidence base and then request for Court Trial through our lawyers. During the Court sessions, your presence is not mandatory. But once the Court gives the positive decision, then to collect the passport and ID-Card, you will have to come personally to that European Union country. You will collect these documents from the Migration Police Office. We will facilitate you throughout the process, so you don’t have to worry about anything.


The European country’s second passport costs you only Euro 53,000 and an additional Euro 2,400 per family member (including minor children 16 and under). You must show clean police records and possess good character. There is no mandatory requirement of stay in that country prior to applying for citizenship and passport. Similarly, there is no mandatory requirement to settle in the country once you receive citizenship and passport. 


Also, our European Union Citizenship and Passport Program give you complete citizenship rights as that of the country native resident. There are few countries that put a limitation on economic citizen rights if they grant citizenship, but our program and the European Union country for which we are giving citizenship provide you all the rights and benefits. You can run any of your desired business, participate or vote in elections, and considered equal to the person born in that country.

Lastly, we want to clarify that this program is not some kind of back-alley deal or gray market second passport. It is actually a government authorized program with no hidden tricks, kickbacks, or fraudulent activities. In simple words, all you are doing is paying that country’s government and getting citizenship and passport in return for your contribution.


If you have more doubts in your mind, feel free to contact us and clarify them out.

To initialize things, click HERE to place an order. The ordering code is “EU-Passport” and you have to deposit the initial referral fees of EURO 5,000 (non-refundable).

In case you want to deposit the initial fees in USD, then go to this link for knowing the latest Euro to USD rate.

Once you place the order and we receive the details, we will quickly email you the pay-in particulars.

We are really grateful for your time and interest. Looking forward to serving you and making your European Citizenship and Passport dream come true.

For any concerns or questions, click HERE.

If you are having doubts, kindly go-through our referral policy and disclaimer statement.

For placing an order, kindly click HERE.

Detailed information in such matters is issued by our associate PT newsletters. For more information, you can visit our newsletters section and also welcomed to subscribe.

Do you guarantee that the application will be accepted by the Court of that European Union country?

With our extensive past experience related to Court matters and years of market reputation, the request for Court Trials arrangement is set up efficiently as per the country’s Legislation. The Court Trials are set up by our (that European country’s) Law Company’s requirement.

What is the payment process, other than the referral fees? Means, how much amount has to be paid before, and how much after? (Also kindly confirm that is the Euro 5,000 referral fees is for everyone or per person?)

By now, the total expenditure in this whole process is Euro 53,000, which includes referral fees of Euro 10,000. You just have to give Euro 5,000 to initiate the process.

We have two persons of the same country for whom we want passports, along with their wives and children. Can you narrate the exact cost? And are we allowed to send you POF?

We are readily available to facilitate you in this matter. As of now, our professional fees are Euro 43,000, excluding the referral fees. With every extra family member, there is an additional fee of Euro 2,400 per member. Regarding POF, we don’t require that because we quickly initiate the process once the fees are received in full in our corporate bank account.

Is it possible to have a real meeting with your company experts either in Hong Kong, Europe, or some other place where your office is located?

We will be very glad if you come and visit us in our office. Currently, we have two offices, one is in Sheung Wan, HK and the other one is in Woking, UK. The timing of our offices is from 8:00-19:00 Mon-Fri. Once you visit any of our offices, our lawyers will give you proper consultation about the whole program and address all of your queries. The consulting charges are Euro 100/ per hour and the minimum consulting timing is of 2 hours.

As the payment is demanded in advance, so what guarantee you are giving for the security of my payment?

We have a well-reputed market name and have facilitated hundreds of our beloved clients for years. Our extremely high success rate has no match in the market because we have the premium resources, expertise, and experience to handle all kinds of situations effectively. So, once you get in touch with us and trust us for fulfilling your dream of a European Union passport, you will be kept updated with every stage of the process. In case, the Court decision comes negative, all of your fees will be refunded back to you, excluding the referral fees.

Whether the process time frame of 3-4 months maximum limit or its average time?

This time frame is narrated based on our past similar process for other clients. Usually, our clients receive Court positive decision within 3-4 months period.

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