Getting Romanian citizenship is a straightforward process until it comes down to citizenship by Descent. Like most European countries, Romania uses the “right of blood” method to determine Romanian citizenship by birth. If a child born to at least one Romanian parent acquires citizenship at birth, regardless of where they are born.

Application Process and General Requirements

Eligibility Criteria for Romanian citizenship by Descent


  • If you have a parent who was a Romanian citizen at any point in their lifetime. 
  • If you have a grandparent (any of four) a Romanian citizen at any their lifetime


  • If you have a great-grandparent (any of eight) who was a Romanian citizen at any point in their lifetime and lost his/her Romanian citizenship against his/her will.


  • You would be a Romanian citizen if your parents were a Romanian citizen at the time of your birth.


  • Persons whose ascendants (parents or grandparents) were Romanian citizens can clarify their citizenship.


Required Documents for Romanian Citizenship by Descent.


To acquire Romanian citizenship, there is no requirement to know the Romanian language; it is sufficient to prove relatives’ existence with Romanian citizenship.



When you find out that you have a relative with Romanian citizenship, you will need to acquire the Romanian authorities’ certified evidence. For this purpose, you must provide all the documents of civil status to the Romanian authorities, both for you and your relatives, super-legalized and with Romanian legalized translation, if applicable.


The file for obtaining citizenship must consist of all the documents required by the National Authority for Citizenship (NAC).

The documents required (super-legalized and with a Romanian legalized translation, if applicable) include:


  • Valid passport. 
  • Criminal record to ensure your origin of the country. 
  • Civil related documents for relatives for example birth certificate, marriage certificate.  
  • Divorce or death certificate. 
  • Written statements and proof of the loss of Romanian citizenship.
  • If you want to develop your domicile in Romania, you will also have to present proof of income and proof of your home in Romania.
  • At the same time, if you have any children and want to acquire Romanian citizenship for them as well, you will need to include their documents as well in your citizenship application.


Submit Your Application

The application file for the procurement of Romanian citizenship can only be submitted personally, except in medical conditions that do not allow the applicant to travel anywhere.

If you are living abroad, you can submit the file for obtaining Romanian nationality to the diplomatic missions of Romania.

Nationality Processing Time

Typically, the process takes about 2 to 3 years in total. Nevertheless, there is handy advice you can use to speed the process up thoroughly. Once you submit your application, the Spanish government has a period of 1 full year to legally provide their response.

Follow The Status Of The File

The application’s status can also be tracked based on the registration number of the data on the website. The information regarding the status of the application file can also be acquired, based on the information on Identification data.

If the application file complies with all legal requirements, the President of the NAC will issue a decree granting you Romanian citizenship. The order will be communicated to you by a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt at the declared address.

Get Legal Assistance

We can handle and manage the whole application process for you. Our specialized immigration lawyers in Romania are here to help you make a process faster and smoother to make your overall experience worthwhile.

Obtain the Certificate of Citizenship

Within six months from the file’s approval, you will have to take an oath of faith to the Romanian state at the NAC headquarters to pledge allegiance. Otherwise, the effects of the decree to obtain Romanian citizenship will be ceased.

The Romanian citizenship certificate will be issued at the swearing-in ceremony. After acquiring the citizenship certificate, you will need to get a copy of the civil status documents (birth/marriage certificate) at the Civil Status Office in Romania. When you complete all the above steps, you can officially call yourself a Romanian citizen!

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